*The advice, recommendations and treatment(s) of your Medical/Physical/Mental Health/Therapeutic or Professional Doctor(s)/Provider(s), should ALWAYS be followed!

The processes, methods, techniques, strategies, coaching or therapies that I use are ALWAYS in addition to, and are in support of any and all medical treatment(s) that you are currently receiving.

My practice, processes, methods, strategies, techniques, coaching or therapies are NEVER IN REPLACEMENT OF or NEVER A REPLACEMENT FOR the medical treatment(s) that you are receiving from your doctor(s)/provider(s), NOR ARE THEY AN ALTERNATIVE TO traditional or conventional medical treatment or advice from your doctor(s)/provider(s).

I am always more than happy to communicate with and work in conjunction with your medical doctor(s)/provider(s) once a Release of Information Form has been signed and authorized by you, the client.

Each Access Change With HypnoCoaching client acknowledges that you have read the above DISCLAIMER, will sign the above DISCLAIMER,  stating that you understand that I absolutely recommend that you follow the medical, physical, mental health, therapeutic and other professional advice(s), recommendation(s), order(s) or suggestion(s) that your doctor(s) or provider(s) have implemented or given to you their patient/client. Each Access Change With HypnoCoaching Client will sign a form acknowledging that they understand that I am NOT in any way changing, replacing or claiming that my processes, methods, techniques, strategies, coaching, hypnocoaching, hypnotherapies or psychotherapies are in replacement of, nor an alternative to traditional or conventional medical, physical, mental health, therapeutic or professional treatment or advice from your doctor(s) or provider(s).