Practices, Payments & Policies

Session Rates:

Please go to the PAYMENT CENTER tab on the left to pre-pay for your sessions.

Sessions are available by Phone, SKYPE, or In-person.

Select the amount of time you would like for your session(s)-(i.e.-one hour, two hours, three hours) or the number of sessions you are pre-paying for (i.e.-Consultation - one hour) or (four Stress Management Sessions would be four hours).

*Please state exactly what you are paying for in the COMMENT Box (i.e.-four - one hour Stress Management Sessions- so you would select four hours) or (one - two hour Soul Entrainment Session) so you would select two hours), etc.

*On the last page to send your payment please use the ADD INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER box to again state what type of session you are paying for(i.e. Life Coaching); how many sessions (i.e.- three -one hour sessions, so three hours-one hour sessions).

When I contact you to schedule your appointment(s) you can let me know if we are doing a Phone Session, A SKYPE Session or an IN-Person Session.

To clarify how much time certain types of Hypnotherapy require for a session please email me at:

For other questions or concerns please call me at: 413-522-2815.

Below is a brief listings of how long/how much time certain types of sessions require.

*Due to the nature and structure of a Private Practice payment is in advance by: (check or money order), or credit/debit card only.  *The pre-paid policy is standard practice when scheduling appointment(s) with most private practice professionals in the coaching, hypno-coaching, transformational coaching, spiritual coachig, medical, alternative health, alternative therapies or mental health fields.

Scheduling a session(s) requires that I have your Debit or Credit Card pre-payment and have both receipt and confirmation of the payment before the appointment is determined/scheduled.

If you choose to mail a check or money order the appointment(s) are scheduled after the check or money order clears through the bank.  

Please read below for details under: Policies, Appointments Scheduled Are Pre-Paid, and the Payment Processing information is provided at the bottom of the this section.

Most Hypnosis Sessions require a minimum one and one half hour appointment.

Most Coaching Sessions require a one hour appointment.

Soul Entrainment Sessions require a two hour appointment.

Spiritual Coaching or Soul Coaching requires one hour appointment. 

Programs such as: Coaching, HypnoCoaching, Transformation Coaching, Pain Management, Weight Release, Virtual Gastric Band, Smoking Cessation etc. are priced per package/or a specific number of appointments depending on the particular needs of the client. 

Coaching/HypnoCoaching/Transformational Coaching commitments require a minimum of six months. These sessions are pre-paid in advance!  A deposit of the first and last month are paid when you sign the contract.  Just ask me.  I will be happy to explain how it works! 

Certain types of therapy or work/processes take longer than others!  Hypnosis sessions require a minimum one and one half hour appointment.  Certain types of hypnosis sessions require longer sessions. Individuals who are traveling a long distance for an appointment may prefer a longer session.

The Meyers-Briggs Indicator Type - Step II, is a personality assessment for individuals, career/work, couples/relationships, families, and business.  Several other sessions are scheduled to go over the information and how it applies to you and affects your life and your relationships.  The client can schedule one-hour sessions, one and one half hour sesions or even two hour sessions if that works better for your schedule or if you are traveling a distance. This process can be done for individuals, for couples or for families.

Practices - Our Work Together:

Motivation and commitment are the keys to success!

On our first meeting you will complete an Intake, and we will discuss in detail why you are seeking services, and how I can help you.

Together we will design a plan for a program of services that will work for you and decide which modalities or method(s) would be the best choice for your individual situation!  You must be committed to working on your program!  I may and most likely will as a part of our work together give you homework assignments and or exercises and I will expect you to complete the homework assignments and bring them to the next session. On occassion I may ask that you email the completed assignment to me prior to our next scheduled session for me to review ahead of time. This process makes it possible for you to begin to see how you are progressing. The process both aids your progress, and provides gains, and benefits to the other methods of therapy or coaching we will use!  Hypnotherapy, NLP, Hypno-Coaching, Coaching, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator-Step II are a partnership!  A planned process and a commitment between both of us to each fulfill our part of the partnership. Thank you for partnering with me!  I look forward to getting started!


Due to the nature and structure of a private practice if an appointment is scheduled, that appointment is an agreement between the parties (YOU and I) that states that, I as the psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, coach, hypno-coach, transformation coach, soul entrainment coach, soul coaching, EFT, EMI, educator, facilitator of the MBTI-Step II, NLP, or other and, YOU the CLIENT have contracted for the appointment time and day we scheduled.  As such with this agreement between us, I can not offer your appointment time and day to another client because we have made a commitment to meet on a scheduled day at a specific time, for a specific length of time for our session.  Therefore without a 48 hour notice or two business days notice in advance I can not reschedule this appointment and have not been able to offer this appointment day and time to another client who wanted to schedule because, I made a commitment to you, and therefore I have lost my ability to be compensated.  *The pre-paid policy is standard practice when scheduling an appointment with most private practice professionals in the coaching, hypno-coaching, medical, alternative health, alternative therapies, or mental health fields.  Below is my pre-paid appointment policy.

Appointments Scheduled Are Pre-Paid:

Payment is to be made prior to the appointment by check, money-order or a credit card/debit card.  A credit/debit card is usually the easiest.  Some form of payment is required to secure the appointment day and time. GO TO THE PAYMENT CENTER TAB located on the left to pay by PAYPAL or Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express Credit Cards or use Mastercard-Debit, or Visa Debit to pre-pay for your sessions.

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, a notice of 48 hours or two business days in advance is required. Just call and I will be happy to reschedule your apointment day and time with 48 hours notice or two business days notice in advance.

If a client does not call to reschedule an appointment 48 hours or two business days prior to the scheduled appointment or does not attend or show up for the appointment your pre-payment by check, money order, credit or debit card will be forfeited and considered as compensation for the time set aside and alotted for your appointment time.

Should a check be rejected for insufficient funds I will charge the client the amount that the bank charges my account for the service charge in addition to the original amount the check was written for.  If this should happen, future appointments will require a money order, or debit/credit card to schedule. 

Being Late For A Session/An Appointment:

If a client is late for their appointment the client will receive the remaining time left for the appointment time scheduled for that day. It may be necessary to alter or change the process planned for that appointment should the client arrive late. For example if a hypnosis session was planned which requires one and one half hours and the client arrives late a coaching, counseling, education, processing or planning session may be what is appropriate for the time remaining in the session.


The session has been pre-paid, if the client does not show for the appointment or has not called to reschedule 48 hours/2 business days in advance/prior to the appointment date and time than the fee paid is not refundable and the client has forfeited their payment/the money previously paid as compensation for the time set aside and alotted. No refunds and no exceptions!

Other appointments have been scheduled after yours so it is important to arrive for your appointment on time. 

Coaching Calls:

Coaching Calls are either one hour or one half hour in length.  I place the call for the client's Coaching Call.  If the client does not answer the phone, or is not available when I call I will leave them a messager that I did call at say 10:00 AM.  If the client calls me back 5, 10 or 15 minutes after our scheduled time than the client receives the remaining time left of our designated and scheduled coaching time.  I have another client scheduled after your phone or skype appointment so it is very important to be on time and available for our scheduled appointment day and time.  Time missed is not refundable.

Payment Process:

Here is the contact information you will need:

Please call and let me know which method of payment you prefer to use.

Vanessa L. Adams - 26 South Prospect Street, Amherst, MA 01002

Telephone: 413-522-2815

Fax:  413-423-3180


To contact you I will need: your full name, current address, telephone number(s) you can be reached at, and an email address you check often.  Please have this information readily available when we contact each other.

Please mail checks and or money orders to me at the name and address listed above. Please included all of your contact information (full name, current address, one or more telephone numbers, and your email address) with your check or money order.  After your check or money order have cleared through the bank we will schedule an appointment day and time.

Pre-Paying for your appointment: For PayPal or credit card processing please go to the PAYMENT CENTER tab located on the left. Your receipt of payment will be promptly emailed to you upon payment.  When payment has been verified, I will email or call to schedule your appointment.

I look forward to us working together!