The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment Tool

Do you ever feel like you are just swaying with the breeze?

Are you unsure of yourself, your work, or your direction in life, or your relationships?

Do you feel as if you just need clarity about your abilities, strengths and processes, to have a better understanding of yourself and where you are going in life and work?  Do
you have difficulty communicating, getting your idea's across, working with other's, or feel like you are in the
wrong career/profession or the wrong position at work,
or ever feel like you and someone close to you (spouse/partner, family member, child or sibling) are
not on the same page, or maybe even not on the same
planet?  Do you get angry and agiatated with certain
people in your life and don't understand why?   Do you desire to understand why and to improve all of your relationships?

Well the MEYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR-Step II can provide for you a clear and concise assessment of all of these aspects of you and how you best work!   The Meyers-Briggs is the most widely used and validated personality tool in the world.  You are one of the sixteen personality types. Learn about your own personality and about the personalities of those you have relationships with, care about and work with.  This knowledge will absolutely change YOUR LIFE!

Your type defines how you:

  • relate to the world
  • communicate,and connect with others, or how you don't
  • how you interact with others
  • it defines your best, second best and third best learning styles
  • it lets you know when you are operating in your STRESS Mode and how to easily change it
  • take in information and use it
  • you process information
  • make decisions
  • and so much more!!!

The Meyers-Briggs provides you with all of the vital information that shows you how to effectively work individually, in your career, in relationships (with spouses/partners, with your family of origin, with siblings, with your child, with friends, with co-workers, with bosses/supervisors and on TEAMS).  The Meyers-Briggs helps you relate to and communicate in the world.  The Meyers-Briggs is the key that can help you to achieve all the best interactions and communications possible with everyone that enters your life, personally, professionally and casually!

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator is for:

  • Individuals (know who you really are and what works best for you and why!)
  • College Students (Unsure of your course of study?  Would you like to know yourself better? Would you like to know your strenghts, abilities, your preferences?  Understand how you think, and process information to know how you study best?)
  • Careers/Business/Professions (get clarity and direction and do the work that is who you are!)
  • Relationships/Marriages/Partnerships(know your spouse/partner, how they think and process information, make decisions, and how your abilities and strengths can work together!  This tool will absolutely positively enhance your relationship!)
  • Families  (understand your differences to help you better understand each other, learn how your differences can help your relationships and learn how to communicate better with all of your family members).  Families are forever so find out how to understand each other now!
  • Friends/Friendships (create better communication and understanding)
  • Communicating Effectively with everyone in every aspect of your life
  • Corporations/Businesses/Organizations  (is your business/organization flowing, are your employees working together or are they working in conflict with each other, an every man for themselves attitude and atmosphere?) I can help you change that!
  • Co-Workers  (understand each other and learn to communicate with all types so you can work effectively and efficiently together)
  • TEAMS  (strategically place the right employees in the right positions and create a TEAM with types that not only can work together, but with specific types who can  deliver the results and meet the bottom line!)
  • Business Partners  (understand your differences to master how your individual abilities, strengths, talents and appitudes can actually enhance your professional relationship and boost your bottom line to get the results you need)

This assessment tool will identify your best mode of operation, your second and third modes of operation and your STRESS Mode of operation!  I can teach you how to take your STRESS Mode and change it to your BEST Mode quickly and easily!  Now everytime you find yourself in your STRESS Mode you will know exactly how to place yourself in your BEST Mode.  Think of the undue stress and anxiety that you will be able to eliminate from your life!  Do you want to rid yourself of STRESS?  Well learn how truly easy it is!

Again the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator- Step II is the most widely used and validated personality tool in the world!  Give yourself the GIFT of knowledge!

Call me at 413-522-2815 to talk about how this assessment will help you!  Take The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)- Step II on-line.  It's easy, there are no right or wrong answers, so there is nothing to be anxious about!  You simply answer the questions about what your preferences are!  There are approximately 120 questions.  Most individuals take the assessment in 30 minutes. It's really that easy. Try it!  You will be so glad you did because this assessment will enhance your growth and positively change your life!  Be ready to be amazed!

You will receive a professionally, informative and detailed binded ninety-seven (97) page book all about YOU and the forty (40) facets of your personality as well as both a two (2) page quick summary and a seventeen (17) page detailed breakdown of the four (4) letters that define your type, strengths, abilites, prefernces and tendencies. The binded book and two summaries are yours to keep. The information this asssessment provides will give you insights about yourself and others and open the door to all of your relationships!  Give yourself an amazing GIFT!

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