Realign Your Mind and Experience The Benefits of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis is an altered state of mind that allows for deep relaxation.  Hypnosis occurs when the conscious, unconscious and the subconscious minds all work together to create change!  It is in this altered state that the mind will accept positive and benefical suggestions that create change in the individual.

5 Path is an advanced hypnotherapy process that works to eliminate the issue or problem by approaching the difficulty on multiple levels to throughly ensure that the issue has been resolved. The process is brief and takes on average six to eight sessions.

5 Path can be used for virtually any problem or issue including behavioral changes, anger, depression, anxiety, fears or phobia's, IBS, obsessions, addictions, weight release, smoking cessation and more.

Hypnotherapy can only be practiced by a psychotherapist who has been educated, extensively trained, and has the years of experience to be qualified to work with deep rooted emotional and psychological issues, traumas and long term problems such as Anxiety, Stress, IBS, PTSD, Depression, Negative Thinking/Thoughts, Low Self-Esteem, Negative Behaviors such as Nail Biting and others. A professional with the training to handle a crisis situation should one occur.

A Hypnotist by law is only allowed to work on the following three things:  weight loss, smoking cessation and stress.  Even so a problem can occur while working on one of these three areas that opens up memories, deep rooted emotions and psychological issues.  A Hypnotist has no education, training, or experience with psychological traumas and is not trained to handle a crisis situation that could occur.  Please make sure you are choosing a credentialed and qualified professional to work with for your own safety!