7th PATH - A Spiritual Meditation

What is 7th PATH and how does it works?

Meditate to the soothing sounds of the ocean!

7th PATH is a Spiritual Meditation that systematically clears out old negative thinking, thoughts and feelings.  It has been dubbed the "Anti-Virus System" of the mind working just as an Anti-Virus Program does in computers to eliminate any unwanted or unsafe files.  It cleanses and eliminates "old tapes" that have been playing in your head and making you feel unaccepted, unloved, unwanted or unsuccessful in your life or relationships.  This process cleanses your emotions and changes how you feel about yourself. It positively changes how you see yourself and provides a depth of understanding that you have never experienced before!

It works by using the combination of spirituality (your connection to spirituality) and Self-Hypnosis.  This combination creates a greater awareness of the self and your relationship with a higher power.  The higher power may be God or the Universe but, it must be a power, or something greater than yourself.

The process is done by meditating on specific words and phrases that will open you up spiritually.  It evolves over a period of weeks to accomplish truly profound changes in your life!  Be prepared to experience mental, cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual shifts.

7th PATH is so wonderful because once you clear out all of the "old tapes", the negative thinking and feelings and then continue to meditate daily you will keep these negative energies out of your body.

Feel free from the past and move into a positive connection to your spirituality and gain better health, reduce stress, increase more self awareness, enjoy peace, tranquility, and have a deeper understanding of the real you!

Serious practitioners of meditation have stated that 7th PATH has brought them to a level of heightened awareness in a very short period of time compared with other meditation methods that required many, many years of practice to obtain any real measure of feeling connected to spirit. This process works and you will notice the positive benefits within one to two weeks.

Be prepared to engage in experiences that will profoundly create changes in your life. Open up to achieve changes throughout your mind and body that will allow you to attain a purer and deeper connection to your higher power and your higher self.

Take time for yourself and relax daily with the calming, healing sounds of the ocean.

7th PATH will positively and profoundly change your life and improve your connection to spirit!