Access Change with HypnoCoaching

Vanessa L. Adams


I bring a depth of education, 24 plus years of professional experience and a wide variety of approaches, techniques and processes to help you with past or present difficulties. My desire is to help you lead a meaningful life that is fulfilling, happy and healthy. A life free from the obstacles that can often hold you back.

In my private practice I treat stress, anxiety, fears/phobias, post traumatic stress disorder,and depression. I help others make behavioral changes with weight release, smoking cessation, nail biting, and other habits that affect the quality of one's life.

My expertise and experience allow me to help people in many areas. I attribute my success to a thrist for knowledge and my interest in the fields of psychology, sociology, medicine, spirituality, the body-mind connection, healing and, quantium physics. Helping others has always been a desire of mine and I am honored to be able to assist others in creating the positive changes that will make an important difference in their life.

I have a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies Degree in Counseling Psychology (CAGS), a Masters of Education (M.ED) in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Cambridge College of Cambridge Massachusetts. Certified as an Advanced Hypnotherapist (CHt) using 5-Path, and a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (CMH) with specialty certifications in Pain Management and Emergency Pain Management. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) specializing in Life, Balance, Business/Career and Wellness/Health Coaching and an Advanced Certified Neuro-Linquistic Practitioner (NLP). I am certified in Eye Movement Intregration (EMI) a specific technique for PTSD flashbacks and triggers. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) releases emotional blockages in the body/mind and is also used for PTSD. I am certified as a HypnoCoach using a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching which brings powerful results. I am a certified Soul Entrainment Practitioner a Spiritual Process.

I am a faciliatator of the Meyers-Briggs Type indicator - Step II an assessment tool that not only provides information about you personally and professionally, but now is ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS! Your relationships with everyone-yourself, spouse/partner, mother, father, siblings, your children, other family members, in-laws, friends, co-workers, supervisors/bosses, TEAMS and business partners. Learn how and why you interact with others the way you do! Understand how your brain was "hard-wired" at birth and what your natural "in-born prefernces and tendencies" are! Just like we are all born either left-handed or right-handed, you were born "hard-wired" in a precise way. Hard-wired to think, take in information, process that information and make decisions in a unique and individual way! It is who you really are! Learn about yourself and how to improve your communications, interactions and interconnectiveness with everyone you have relationships with. This assessment tool will absolutely enhance your growth and change your life in a positive way! You owe it to yourself to take the assessment and open up your world!

I am available by Skype, or by telephone in the United States or Internationally; or in person for sessions in Amherst, Massachusetts. My office is located in the downtown business area of Amherst, Massachusetts at 26 South Prospect Street. I serve all of the towns in the Pioneer Valley, North Quabbin and Hampshire and Franklin counties. I have provided a list of the towns I serve below.

Hampshire County, Massachusetts: Amherst Center; Cushman; North Amherst; South Amherst; Belchertown; Chesterfield; Cummington; Easthampton; Enfield; Goshen; Granby; Greenwich; Hadley; Hatfield; Huntington (Formerly Norwich); Middlefield; Northampton, including Leeds and Florence; Pelham; Plainfield; Prescott; South Hadley; Southampton; Ware; Westhampton; Williamsburg and Haydenville; Worthington.

Franklin County, Massachusetts: Ashfield; Bernardston; Buckland; Charlemont; Colrain; Conway; Deerfield; and South Deerfield; Erving; Gill; Greenfield; Hawley; Heath; Leverett; Leyden; Monroe; Montague, including Lake Pleasant, Millers Falls, Montague Center, Montague City, and Turners Falls; New Salem; Northfield; Orange; Rowe; Shelburne Falls; Shutesbury; Sunderland; Warwick; Wendell; Whately.

Worcester County, Massachusetts: Athol, Royalston,Templeton, Phillipston, Gardner, Leominister and all other Worcester towns.

Five Colleges of Western Massachusetts: Amherst College, Amherst; Hampshire College, Amherst; Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley; Smith College, Northampton; University of Massachusetts Amherst.